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About Me

Faces, Places, Things.

Just words to some, but to Rob Baker, photographer, the world.

Rob has the uncanny ability to capture emotion and meaning in a glance, a moment; with the tilt of his camera and a twist of his lens. He can see an angle that illuminates the passion living within his subject. He has a discerning eye, an acute sense of timing and an innate sense of composition. He has photographed people and places all over the world.

His most recent assignment in Bagdad, Iraq has added a new, vibrant perspective to his body of work.

He was born with a camera in his hand. Introduced to the darkroom at only 8 years old, he discovered his talent for photography. In junior high, he worked two adjacent paper routes after school, and saved all of his money to purchase his first equipment.

Along with his still photography, Rob is a director of photography with broadcast television and film experience. He is asked to consult frequently in lighting for independent films.

He is a Bay Area native and the father of four.